Kat Von D - Parody Tank Top Kawaii Tattoos Clothing (Black)

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Width 15" Length 24"
Width 16" Length 25"
Width 17" Length 26.5"
Width 17.5" Length 28"
Width 19" Length 28.5"

Kute Kat Von D Kawaii Tattoo Design!

Available as a women's racerback tank top, tee or men's tee shirt

*** Be sure to review our SIZING CHART as most of the Womens items are "Fitted" *** 

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Life is a Juxtaposition, we reflect that in our clothing and style.

We are a Mashup of our favorite things. We like to mix it all up and combine the things we love, things like, cupcakes, cookies, candy, run on sentences, the word “And,” the ampersand “&”, tattoos, parodies, horror movies, monsters, pastels, neon, animals, legos, toys, gore, games, candyland candy land?, food, sci fi, hi fi, lo fi, magic, smoke and mirrors,  and symbols, and numbers, and,.…

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